Western Decision Sciences Institute (WDSI)

The Western Decision Sciences Institute is a regional division of the Decision Sciences Institute. It serves its interdisciplinary academic and business members primarily through the organization of an annual conference and the publication of the Journal of Business Management. The conference and journal allow academicians and business professionals from all over the world to share information and research with respect to all aspects of education, business, and organizational decisions.

Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)

The Decision Sciences Institute is an interdisciplinary, international organization dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of education and research about business decisions. It promotes excellence in teaching and scholarship, and seeks to serve current and future developmental needs of doctoral students, faculty, and academic administrators. Through its journals, Decision Sciences, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education and the online publication Decision Line, national and regional meetings, and other activities, it serves as a vehicle to advance and disseminate the theory, application, pedagogy, and curriculum development of the decision sciences.

WDSI Officers for 2020

President: Ömer S. Benli, California State University, Long Beach, 562.985.7697, Omer.Benli@csulb.edu
President Elect: Theodore Byrne, California State University, Dominguez Hills, 310-243-2692, tbyrne@csudh.edu
Vice President Program Chair:  Salem Boumediene, Montana State University-Billings, 406-657-1605, salem.boumediene@msubillings.edu
Vice President Program Chair Elect: Pia Gupta, California State University, Long Beach, 562-985-2466, Pia.Gupta@csulb.edu
Vice President for Member Services: Ed He, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 909-869-2458, he@cpp.edu
Secretary/Treasurer: Sheldon R. Smith, Utah Valley University, 801-863-6153, smithsh@uvu.edu
Director of Information Systems:  Khosrow Moshirvaziri, California State University, Long Beach, 562-985-7965, Khosrow.Moshirvaziri@csulb.edu
Immediate Past President: Albert Huang, University of the Pacific, 209-946-7494, ahuang@pacific.edu

Past President

2018-2019 Albert Huang, University of the Pacific
2017-2018 Natasa Christodoulidou, California State University, Dominquez Hills
2016-2017 John Bell, University of Tennessee
2015-2016 Debbie Gilliard, Metropolitan State University of Denver
2014-2015 Hamdi Bilici, California State University Long Beach
2013-2014 David C. Yen, SUNY Oneonta
2012-2013 Sheldon R. Smith, Utah Valley University
2011-2012 John Davies, Victoria University, Wellington
2010-2011 Nafisseh Heiat, Montana State University-Billings
2009-2010 Mahyar Amouzegar, California State University, Long Beach
2008-2009 G. Keong Leong, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2007-2008 Vijay R. Kannan, Utah State University
2006-2007 Bruce Raymond, Montana State University
2005-2006 Cynthia Pavett, University of San Diego
2004-2005 Miles G. Nicholls, RMIT University
2003-2004 Krishna S. Dhir, Berry College
2002-2003 Eldon Y. Li, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
2001-2002 Paul Mallette, Colorado State University
2000-2001 Marc Massoud, Claremont McKenna College
1999-2000 Karen L. Fowler, University of Northern Colorado
1998-1999 Richard L. Jenson, Utah State University
1997-1998 Thomas E. Callarman, Arizona State University
1996-1997 George A. Marcoulides, California State University, Fullerton
1995-1996 Joseph R. Biggs, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
1994-1995 Kathy L. Pettitt-O'Malley, University of Idaho
1993-1994 Howard R. Toole, San Diego State University
1992-1993 Terrel G. Williams, Western Washington University
1991-1992 V. V. "Kris" Bellur (decesased), California State University, Bakersfield
1990-1991 John C. Rogers, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
1989-1990 V. Lyman Gallup, Boise State University
1988-1989 Shannon V. Taylor, Montana State University
1987-1988 Patrick W. Shannon, Boise State University
1986-1987 Michael F. O'Neil, California State University, Chico
1985-1986 Bert M. Steece, University of Southern California
1984-1985 John P. Dickson, University of Puget Sound
1983-1984 Daniel Brooks, Arizona State University
1982-1983 Michael Geurts, Brigham Young University
1981-1982 Pieter Vandenburg, San Diego State University
1980-1981 C. R. Michael Parent, Utah State University
1979-1980 Steven D. Wood, Arizona State University
1978-1979 Jim D. Barnes (deceased), California State University, Bakersfield
1977-1978 Paul Baum, California State University, Bakersfield
1976-1977 James E. Reinmuth, University of Oregon
1975-1976 William T. Newell, University of Washington
1974-1975 Charles P. Bonini, Stanford University
1973-1974 William R. Sherrard, San Diego State University
1972-1973 Robert Childress, University of Southern California
1971-1972 Manfred W. Hopfe, California State University, Sacramento

Tracks, Track Legend and Tracks Chair

[ACC] Accounting: Salem Boumediene, Montana State University Billings, salem.boumediene@msubillings.edu
[BAD] Business Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making: Abbas Heiat, Montana State University Billings, aheiat@msubillings.edu
[BES] Business Environment-Strategy, Policy, Law, Ethics: Xia Zhao, California State University Dominguez Hills, xzhao@csudh.edu
[FIN] Finance and Investment: Pia Gupta, California State University Long Beach, pia.gupta@csulb.eduand KC Chen, California State University Fresno, kchen@mail.fresnostate.edu
[HOS] Hospitality Management and Marketing: Natasa Christodoulidou and Keong Leong, California State University Dominguez Hills, nchristodoulidou@csudh.eduand keong.leong@unlv.edu
[EDU] Innovative Education: Rita Kumar, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, adkumar@cpp.edu
[IEC] Internet and e-Business: Albert Huang, University of the Pacific, ahuang@pacific.eduand David Yen, Sunny Oneonta, david.yen@oneonta.edu
[MIS] Management Information System: Marcus Rothenberger, University of Nevada Las Vegas, marcus.rothenberger@unlv.edu
[MSQ] Management Science and Quantitative Methods: Seong-Jong Joo, Air Force Institute of Technology, sludoc95@gmail.com
[MEO] Management, Entrepreneurship and Organization: Cindy Sutton, Metropolitan State University of Denver, suttoncy@msudenver.edu
[MKT] Marketing: Sally Baalbaki-Yassine, Metropolitan State University of Denver, baalbaki@msudenver.edu
[MIL] Military Applications: Eddine Dahel, Naval Postgraduate School, edahel@nps.eduand Jeremy Jordan, Air Force Institute of Technology, jeremy.Jordan@afit.edu
[M&S] Modeling and Simulation: Khosrow Moshirvaziri, California State University Long Beach, Khosrow.Moshirvaziri@csulb.eduand Mahyar Amouzegar, University of New Orleans, mahyar@jamds.org
[OLS] Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Stanley Griffis, Michigan State University, griffis1@msu.eduand John Bell, University of Tennessee, bell@utk.edu
[PPA] Public Policy and Public Administration: Rui Sun and Theodore Byrne, California State University Dominguez Hills, rsun@csudh.eduandtbyrne@csudh.edu
[SUS] Sustainability Issues in Decision Making: Yuanjie He, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, he@cpp.edu